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Q. Do I need a license to ride an electric bike ?

A. No.You do not need a license to ride an Ordica electric bike.

As long as the power output of the motor is less than 250W it is not necessary to have a license.

Q. Do I need to register an electric bike ?

A. No. Under Australian law Ordica electric bikes are classified as ordinary bikes, and therefore it is not necessary to register your electric bike.

Q. How far can I travel on one full charge battery ?
A. The distance traveled on one full charge depends on several factors, including the gradient of the hills on your route, the speed, the rider’s weight, the pressure in the tires and the amount of pedal assistance given. An approximate estimate is anywhere between 50 to 80 plus kilometers for the standard 36V 11Ah and between 80 to 100 plus kilometers for the 36V 15Ah battery.

Q. What happens if the battery goes flat while I'm riding ?
A. If the battery goes flat, you can ride the 
Ordica electric bike like any other normal bike.

Q. How fast will my Ordica electric bike go ?
A. The speed varies depending on several factors, for example,
tire pressures, weight of rider, wind resistance battery condition, amount of pedal assistance given. An Ordica electric bike can travel at roughly 25km/h with pedal assistance mode, although you can travel considerably faster depending on the level of pedal assistance given.

Q. What are the running costs of an electric bike ?
A. Running costs for an electric bike vary depending on a variety of factors including battery size, terrain, rider’s weight etc. A general estimate is around 10-20 cents per charge.

Q. Does the battery recharge when I pedal ?

A. No. The battery must be recharged with the approved charger included with your electric bike. 

Q. What maintenance is involved for an electric bike ?

A. Besides the recharging of the battery there is very little maintenance required. We advise that riders clean their electric bike at regular
intervals, especially the surface of the motor. controller and gears ( refer to the instruction manual ). Our electric bikes are the same as a traditional bike.

Q. When should I re-charge batteries?
A. We suggest that you recharge the battery after each usage, or otherwise if the battery is less than half full.
Note: If you intending to not ride the electric bike and leaving in storage, please make sure that you charge the battery in full first before storing the battery. Also make sure that the battery is stored in normal condition.

Q. How do I re-charge the batteries?

A. A battery and CE ‘Australian Standard’ charger plug are included with every electric bike that is sold.

Q. How long does it take to re-charge the batteries?

A. A full recharge can take up to 7 hours, or 2-3 hours to recharge from half full.
Note: make sure you leave it on charge for at least the full 7 to 10 hours when you first get the electric bike.