About Us


At ORDICA, we want to reinvent ​the way people commute by delivering high quality, reliable, low-carbon transport solutions that not only look great, costs effective, but one that also last and is great fun to ride. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail, knowing that every part of the bike must perform at its peak to deliver the exceptional riding experience for our valued customers.

Why E-Bikes

There are many good reasons  to buy an electric bike.  ​Here are just some:

  • 1. Personal fitness and health benefits
  • 2. Commuting to work - No Sweat! 
  • ​3. Motorized, but with no Red Tape!
  • 4. Climbing the Hills (No More Excuses!)
  • ​5. Sustainable, Green & Clean
  • ​6. Travel Faster and Further
  • 7. Recreation and Fun 
  • 8. Save $$$ - no parking! no rego, no fuel required and no more cramping in over crowded public transports

ORDICA Electric Bikes are German Engineered

Perfect Balance...

At ORDICA, we only source and built our electric bikes with quality branded parts from around the world. We work closely with our carefully selected suppliers, manufactures and engineers from concept design, R&D, to assembling, packaging and shipping. Our team of experts ensure we are always at the forefront of technology and built the best electric bikes that is perfect balance in design, style and unmatched performance.

Innovated Technology...

ORDICA Electric Bikes are designed with advance and latest ebike technology. Our electric bikes are designed from ground up and use minimum electric wiring and cabling parts to ​reduce potential cable damage due to external ​exposure. Our bikes are built to be reliable and to last, giving you the peace of mind to ​enjoy more on the road.

Built to Last...

ORDICA Electric Bikes bring advance innovation, cutting edge technology to all our electric bikes. All our bikes go through a stringent manufacturing process from start to finish and are independently tested to meet and comply with EN15194, EN14764, EN14872 standards.

Premium Inclusions

  • Award winning Selle Royal Saddle
  • Samsung Li-ion Battery Cells
  • Quick Release Adjustable Stem
  • High Torque Mid Drive Motor
  • Puncture Resistance Tyres
  • Alloy Rim
  • Shimano Parts
  • Light Weight Alloy Frame
  • Tektro Brakes
  • Holland Brand Spanning Light

Certified Standards

Ordica Electric Bikes come with 5 years warranty on the frame, 1 year warranty on the parts and comply with the following standards:

  • EN-15194 Compliance
  • EN-14764 Compliance
  • EN-14872 Compliance
  • ISO9633 Compliance
  • ISO7636 Compliance
  • AUS/NZ Compliance