About Us

ORDICA's vision is to reinvent the way people commute by establishing a low-carbon transport solution applicable to our daily lives. In addition to the aesthetic appeal of our ebikes, our philosophy is that electric bikes must also be practical, functional, reliable and fun to ride.

​ORDICA Electric Bikes provide the most cost effective choice in emission free alternatives for commuting to work, to school, sport and fitness or just recreation fun. ​We invite you to become a part of this amazing experience and join us in the journey towards a greener planet with ORDICA electric bikes

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Top Rating Reviews

ORDICA Electric Bike is the only ebike ​featured in Ride On's best of 2013. RideOn magazine rated Ordica ebike 10/10 for quality, 9/10 for appearance and recommended Ordica electric bikesas the latest generation ebike that is not only sophisticated, powerful, well ​appointed but also represents outstanding value for savvy customers.

RideOn Magazine
Choice Magazine
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Branded Parts

At ORDICA Electric Bikes, we select only leading branded parts from around the world to ensure quality and peak performance for all our ebikes. We thoroughly test all parts used in the bikes to ensure they work in synergy. All parts, big or small delivers the extra comfort and unsurpassable riding experience for our customers.

Classic Design

ORIDCA ebikes, both men and ladies series state timeless sophistication ​and class.
ORDICA ebikes are especially designed to not only give you great performance and value, but also simplicity with minimum external cables to minimise potential damages due to external impact on wiring.
ORDICA's unique classic design ensuresthe bike looks clean, smooth and well ​poised.

Outstanding Value

ORDICA's latest 2016 Mid drive series represent outstanding value with upgrades that include puncture resistance tyres, high capacity 15 / 15.5Ah lithium iron battery, quick adjustable stem, tektro front disc brake, shimano Nexus Hub Gear and awarding winning selle royal SR saddle and suspension seat post giving you unbeatable riding experience that will take you further...