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Ebikes for Australia

ORDICA's vision is to reinvent the way people commute by establishing a low-carbon transport solution applicable to our daily lives. In addition to the aesthetic appeal of our ebikes, our philosophy is that electric bikes must also be practical, functional, reliable and fun to ride.

Ordica Electric Bikes provide the most cost effective choice in emission free alternatives for commuting to work, to school, sport and fitness or just recreation and fun. We invite you to become a part of this amazing experience and join us in the journey towards a greener planet with Ordica Electric Bikes.

If they are searching for a fun and reliable ebike, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, and Hobart cyclists will find a dealer stocking the Ordica brand nearby.

Top Rating Reviews

Ordica Electric Bicycle was featured in Ride On's best of 2013, 2015, Choice Magazine 2017/18 and the RACV 2019 Top 4 electric bicycle recommendations. RideOn magazine rated Ordica ebikes 10/10 for quality, 9/10 for appearance, and recommended Ordica's electric bikes as the latest generation ebike that is not only sophisticated, powerful, and well appointed but also represents outstanding value for savvy customers. In 2021 we are still going strong and continue getting great reviews and happy customers who are riding their Ordica ebikes in Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Perth and beyond.

Branded Parts

At ORDICA Electric Bikes, we select only leading branded parts from around the world to ensure quality and peak performance for all our ebikes.

We thoroughly test all parts used in the bikes to ensure they work in synergy. All parts, big or small deliver extra comfort and an unsurpassable riding experience for our customers.

Classic Design

Ordica Electric Bikes, in both men's and women's series, offer timeless sophistication and class.

Ordica ebikes are specially designed to not only give you great performance and value but also simplicity, with minimum external cables to minimise any potential damage due to external impact on wiring.

Ordica's unique classic design ensures the bike looks clean, smooth and well poised. So whether you're searching for an ebike shop in Melbourne or Brisbane, Hobart or Perth, you're sure to find an Ordica bike that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Outstanding Value

Ordica's latest 2021 mid drive series represents outstanding value, with upgrades that include puncture resistant tires, high capacity Samsung lithium-ion battery, quick adjustable stem, Tektro front and rear disc brakes, Shimano gears, and a super comfort saddle, giving you an unbeatable riding experience that will take you further.

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Excellent service, thank you Simon and your team! always quick to respond and resolve any issues with my bike. Keep up the great work.

Rae Mark address-pin Adelaide

Fantastic service and Ronan the mechanic is brilliant. You don’t get this service when you buy off the internet . Looking to get my next bike from here.

Struth Hudson address-pin Adelaide

Excellent service, thank you Simon and your team! always quick to respond and resolve any issues with my bike. Keep up the great work.

Rae Plush address-pin Adelaide

Excellent and Very knowledgeable, Thank you for the ebike, I enjoyed it very much. If you have any enquiries about ebikes Scot is the person to look for.

LyndonJohn De Guzman address-pin Adelaide

They are very good at their jobs. They give importance to their customers’ satisfaction.

Nihan Demircaan Başer address-pin Adelaide
Welcome to ordica bikes

Ebike Shop Melbourne

Cleaner, Greener , Smarter Ebikes for Australia

For many years, the only sustainable alternative to driving to work was to use a combination of public transport and peddle power. Now, with the rising popularity of ebikes, Australian commuters have a third option. Whether you use your ebike for one leg of the trip, or are able to make the entire commute by ebike, you are sure to enjoy a number of financial and health benefits.

We at ORDICA electric bikes, we’re striving to reinvent the market when it comes to Australian ebikes. Our ebike manufacturers have been working since 2007, combining the best European designs with quality parts and components. Explore our range today on our website or find your nearest Ordica dealer to test ride.

Safe, Smart, and Smooth: Our Ebikes Make the Sydney Commute Easy

With an Ordica Electric Bike, you can customise the level of motorised support and pedal power used at any given time. This allows you to choose how you want to use your ebike in the moment. You may choose an assisted ride on your daily commute for a sweat-free ride into work. Then rely solely on pedal power on the weekends for a healthy workout.

However you choose to use your Ordica ebike, you will be making a positive change by lowering your daily emissions, saving money, and choosing transport that is kinder to the environment. If you are searching for ebikes in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Hobart, you will find our statewide capital dealers stocking the Ordica brand bikes, with a number of options to order online as well. Explore our range of online ebike sales or ride into your nearest state dealer now.

Ordica Ebikes Can Be Found in Shops around Melbourne and Australia wide

From our first ebike shop in Melbourne, it didn’t take Ordica long to expand to most capital cities and a number of regional centres throughout Australia. If you’re unable to find a nearby store, then we would be happy to answer your questions about the Ordica range. Email us or fill out the online enquiry form and one of our friendly and experienced team members will be more than happy to help you with your enquiry.

You’ll Only Get the Best from Australia’s Award-Winning Ebike Suppliers

Featuring a new mid-drive system and quality parts, your Ordica Electric bike is sure to impress. Our ebike have been recognized among RACV’s Top 4 Ebike Picks, Choice Magazine’s Top 5 Ebikes, and as one of the Bicycle Network’s Top Picks! Since 2014

Ebikes for Sale with a Range of Premium Inclusions!

Get more out of your ebike with the ebike sales available from Ordica. All featuring premium inclusions, you can get an Ordica ebike with alloy rims, lightweight frames, Shimano parts, puncture-resistant tyres and much more. Learn more about us and our electric bikes or shop online today.

Ride Further with Ordica Ebike Wholesale dealer Opportunities

Australian owned, European designed, and built to last, you and your customers can go further with Ordica ebike wholesale opportunities. Reach out to our team today to enquire about wholesale ebikes.

Since 2007 Since 2007


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Proudly Australian PROUDLY Australian

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