Transport options in Australia, especially in and around our major cities, have not kept pace with the changing wants and needs of commuters. Here at Ordica we’re trying to play our own small part in changing this, with the commuter ebikes Melbourne, Sydney (and travellers from all other city centres) can rely on.

You will find Ordica electric bicycles at stores in most capital cities, and available for online purchase Australia wide.

An electric bicycle helps all Australians to choose a better transport option. If the infrastructure in your area is not well connected, then an ebike can help you bridge the distance between your home and the train network, or the station and your workplace.

Commuter Ebikes for Melbourne

For those with a shorter commuting distance, an ebike might be the only form of transport they will need. The motor assistance allows you to ride to work and arrive sweat-free – even if hilly terrain stands in your way. At the end of the day, an electric bicycle allows you to set the pace. Slowly unwind from the stress of the workday on a leisurely ride home, or unwind those muscles by pedalling your heart out.

With a commuter ebike, Melbourne travellers may be able to say goodbye to the second family car and all the costs that come along with it.

Commuter Ebikes for Sydney Roads and Trails

With more predictable and temperate weather, and a network of bike paths, commuter ebikes in Sydney have really taken off. Amongst the many benefits of electric bicycles are the flexibility and freedom they give to cyclists of any ability. With a traditional, unpowered bicycle, most people will be reluctant to begin the journey when they don’t know whether they have the fitness to make it to the other end. Riding to work or any other set destination is a pointless exercise if you are too exhausted to make it there in time. Taking an electric bicycle eliminates this fear. Use the motor assistance until you are strong enough to make the journey unassisted, or use this feature to flatten out the hills, take the difficulty out of cycling into a headwind, or on days that are too hot or humid to pedal at full steam.

Commuter Ebikes for Fitness and Fun

Although electric bicycles have often been maligned as a ‘lazy’ alternative, studies have actually shown that riding an ebike has significant health benefits. Not only does riding an electric bicycle get you out in the fresh air, whether you rely heavily on motor assistance or not, you will be getting far more exercise than you would sitting in a car, tram, or train.

Owning a commuter ebike in Sydney, Melbourne, or any other capital or regional city also encourages you to get out and explore the trails on your days off from work. While an unpowered bicycle intended solely for recreation might sit gathering dust along with your good intentions, an electric bicycle that is essential for your daily commute will ensure that you get out there and exercise most days of the week.