Wherever you’re headed, an electric bike is often one of the safest, greenest, and most cost-effective ways to get you there. Ebikes have long been popular in Europe, but housing density and increasing traffic, alongside a renewed interest in pedal power, has now seen more and more Australians consider electric bicycles as their new form of transport.

You might only now be looking to buy an electric bicycle as Australia becomes a better country for cyclists, with bike tracks, cyclist lanes, and growing motorist awareness of road etiquette and rules concerning cyclists.

Whatever your reasons for considering an ebike, you will find a variety of options and a wealth of expert knowledge when you choose the electric bicycle manufacturers at Ordica.

Ordica – Melbourne’s Electric Bike Company

Born in Melbourne, our electric bike company was founded out of a love of cycling, and an enthusiasm to see what electric bicycles could bring to Australian cyclists. Since 2007, Ordica has been sourcing the finest international parts and building the best ebikes that we can for Australian conditions and lifestyles.

Our ebikes bring together the latest in innovative mid-drive and hub motor technology and design, with genuine Panasonic, Samsung lithium-ion batteries, Shimano gears, Tektro brakes, and comfort saddles. We’re proud to put together electric bicycles for Australia that are made to Australian standards. Our electric bike wholesale suppliers work with retailers throughout Australia to bring Ordica ebikes to the whole country.

Buy an Electric Bicycle for Your Daily Commute

Cycling to work is great exercise, but when you’re running late and don’t have the opportunity to shower at the other end, the last thing you want is to work up a sweat on your way there. An electric bike gives you freedom and flexibility. You can shorten the morning commute without breaking a sweat by using the pedal assistance on your way there, then choose whether you want to ride with or without assistance on the way home.

If you’re comparing the different electric bikes for sale in Australia because you want a fun, environmentally friendly, and responsible form of transport for your daily commute, then you will find Ordica ebikes to be an affordable and reliable option. You can trust our electric bicycle supplier whether you’re shopping online or visiting one of our dealers.

Buy an Electric Bike Online from Anywhere in Australia

If you’re looking to buy an electric bicycle in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide then you will most likely find a variety of options at local stores. However, If you’re located regionally, then you may want to buy an electric bike online and have it delivered to your home for greater convenience.

Ordica bikes can be found in a number of stores throughout Australia, so whether you’re looking to try before you buy, or prefer to purchase online, you can use our online directory of stockists to find the option that best meets your needs. When it comes to electric bikes, our suppliers are trusted industry names who can help you find the right ride.

Find Ordica Ebikes at Electric Bicycle Shops in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and throughout Australia

We’ve partnered with suppliers throughout Australia to make Ordica ebikes available in more places. If you’re searching for electric bikes for sale in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth then we’ve got you covered. You’ll also find Ordica electric bikes for sale in Melbourne, Hobart and Canberra.

If you’re located in one of the country’s regional centres and you want to test-drive an Ordica bike before making a purchase, then you will be well covered by supply centres in towns like Castlemaine, Bendigo,Ballarat, Cairns and Newcastle.

What You Need to Know Before Comparing Electric Bikes for Sale in Sydney and Melbourne

If you’re searching online to find the right electric bike for your needs, then you’ll want to compare all the relevant specifications, not only the price. Remember that when it comes to the best electric bikes, manufacturer expertise is everything. Here on the Ordica website, you will find all the information you need on our range of electric bikes. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Australia wide, you will find the same great features and trusted parts in every Ordica ebike.

Fast Facts About Electric Bikes for Melbourne, Sydney and other Capital Cities

When purchasing an ebike, you’ll want to know that it has the capacity to handle your everyday needs. Cycling alongside the Yarra, around the Harbour, or up and down hilly Hobart, you can expect anywhere between fifty to eighty plus kilometres from a single two to five-hour battery charge.

Whether you are riding your electric bike in Sydney’s variable climate, Perth or Brisbane’s heat, or Melbourne’s four-seasons-in-one-day weather, you can rely on puncture resistance tyres, easy and economical recharging, and assistance when you need it from any Ordica ebike.

The Electric Bicycle Manufacturer and Supplier for Individuals and Families

Buy an ebike for your ride to work or talk your friends into hitting the tracks with you on the weekend. We pride ourselves on being the electric bicycle manufacturer since 2007 and supplier for everyone, so check out our range online or in-store now.

Australia’s Electric Bike Wholesale Supplier Since 2007: The Perfect Way to Supercharge Your Business!

Are you interested in becoming a stockist of Ordica Electric Bikes? Contact us today to find out if Ordica is the right fit for you. As Australia’s dedicated electric bike wholesale supplier since 2007, we can provide a great deal for your business.

Award-Winning Electric Bikes: Our Manufacturers Are Trusted by the Best!

When it comes to electric bikes, manufacturer expertise is highly important, and nothing says manufacturer expertise like industry recognition.

Ordica has been recognised by RACV (Top 4 Ebike Picks), Choice Magazine (Top 5 Ebikes), and the Bicycle Network (Top Pick Review) since 2014

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