Welcome to Ordica, your trusted destination for electric bikes in Melbourne. We understand that every rider is unique, so we offer a diverse range of electric bikes to match all preferences, styles and budgets. Whether you prefer leisurely beachfront rides or urban adventures, our ebikes are designed with you in mind. Equipped with Samsung lithium-ion batteries, Shimano gears, Tektro brakes, and plush comfort saddles, our ebikes offer unbeatable convenience.

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Electric bicycles are an excellent choice for safe, eco-friendly, and cost-effective transportation, regardless of your destination. While ebikes have been a popular mode of transport in Europe for some time, the rising urban density and increased traffic in Australia, coupled with a renewed interest in pedal power, have made electric bikes an attractive option for more Australians.

As Australia becomes more cyclist-friendly, with the development of bike tracks, dedicated cyclist lanes, and improved motorist awareness of cyclist road etiquette and rules, now is an opportune time to consider purchasing an electric bicycle.

No matter your motivation for exploring electric bikes in Melbourne, when you opt for Ordica, you gain access to a wide range of options and a wealth of expertise from electric bicycle specialists.

Top Rating Reviews

Ordica Electric Bicycle was featured in Ride On's best of 2013, 2015, Choice Magazine 2017/18 and the RACV 2019 Top 4 electric bicycle recommendations. RideOn magazine rated Ordica ebikes 10/10 for quality, 9/10 for appearance, and recommended Ordica's electric bikes as the latest generation ebike that is not only sophisticated, powerful, and well appointed but also represents outstanding value for savvy customers. In 2021 we are still going strong and continue getting great reviews and happy customers who are riding their Ordica ebikes in Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Perth and beyond.

Branded Parts

At ORDICA Electric Bikes, we select only leading branded parts from around the world to ensure quality and peak performance for all our ebikes.

We thoroughly test all parts used in the bikes to ensure they work in synergy. All parts, big or small deliver extra comfort and an unsurpassable riding experience for our customers.

Classic Design

Ordica Electric Bikes, in both men's and women's series, offer timeless sophistication and class.

Ordica ebikes are specially designed to not only give you great performance and value but also simplicity, with minimum external cables to minimise any potential damage due to external impact on wiring.

Ordica's unique classic design ensures the bike looks clean, smooth and well poised. So whether you're searching for an ebike shop in Melbourne or Brisbane, Hobart or Perth, you're sure to find an Ordica bike that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Outstanding Value

Ordica's latest 2021 mid drive series represents outstanding value, with upgrades that include puncture resistant tires, high capacity Samsung lithium-ion battery, quick adjustable stem, Tektro front and rear disc brakes, Shimano gears, and a super comfort saddle, giving you an unbeatable riding experience that will take you further.

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Excellent service, thank you Simon and your team! always quick to respond and resolve any issues with my bike. Keep up the great work.

Rae Mark address-pin Adelaide

Fantastic service and Ronan the mechanic is brilliant. You don’t get this service when you buy off the internet . Looking to get my next bike from here.

Struth Hudson address-pin Adelaide

Excellent service, thank you Simon and your team! always quick to respond and resolve any issues with my bike. Keep up the great work.

Rae Plush address-pin Adelaide

Excellent and Very knowledgeable, Thank you for the ebike, I enjoyed it very much. If you have any enquiries about ebikes Scot is the person to look for.

LyndonJohn De Guzman address-pin Adelaide

They are very good at their jobs. They give importance to their customers’ satisfaction.

Nihan Demircaan Başer address-pin Adelaide


Established in Melbourne, our electric bike company was born from a deep passion for cycling and a desire to introduce the benefits of electric bicycles to Australian cyclists. Since 2007, Ordica has been sourcing top-quality international components to craft the finest ebikes tailored to Australian conditions and lifestyles.

Our electric bicycles seamlessly integrate cutting-edge mid-drive and hub motor technology, boasting genuine Panasonic and Samsung lithium-ion batteries, Shimano gears, Tektro brakes, and comfortable saddles. We take pride in manufacturing electric bicycles that meet Australian standards. Our electric bike shop caters to Melbourne residents seeking a modern and alternative approach to cycling.


Cycling to work offers fantastic exercise opportunities, but when time is tight, and a post-commute shower isn’t an option, avoiding a sweaty arrival becomes a priority. An electric bike provides you with the freedom and flexibility to shorten your morning commute without exertion, thanks to pedal assistance. Then, on the way home, you can choose whether to ride with or without assistance.

If you’re comparing electric bikes for sale in Australia with the aim of finding a fun, eco-conscious, and practical mode of daily transport, Ordica ebikes offer an affordable and dependable solution. Whether you’re browsing our online store or visiting one of our dealers, you can trust that our electric bicycles are well-regarded in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Sydney.


Discover Melbourne in a whole new way with Ordica’s innovative electric bikes. Whether you’re exploring streets, bayside trails, or botanical gardens, our ebikes make it convenient, safe and fun. Based in Braeside, Ordica offers reliable and affordable electric bicycles designed for Australian conditions. It doesn’t matter if you’re a local or a visitor, choose Ordica for a sustainable, fun, and convenient way to explore Melbourne.


Choosing an Ordica ebike goes beyond a standard biking experience. Here are just some reasons why our ebikes are the preferred choice in Melbourne:

  • Ordica ebike equipped with a Samsung Li-ion battery, offering superior performance, and longevity.
  • We use Shimano parts which are the benchmark for quality in the cycling world.
  • High torque rear and mid-drive motor options for customised riding experience.
  • Our ebikes are designed to comply with Australian standards, ensuring safety and durability.

Choose Ordica electric bikes for a distinctive Melbourne biking experience that takes you further, faster, and with greater ease.


So, you have decided to embrace the ebike way of life. Now what? Here are some steps you can take to maximise the health benefits from your newly chosen form of transportation:

  • Start small: You don’t need to go on long rides immediately. Use the pedal assistance to ease into biking and gradually increase your pedalling effort.
  • Mix it up: Alternate between using pedal assistance and pure cycling. This will let you get exercise without straining yourself too much.
  • Establish a routine: Try to bike at the same times daily. This will help your body get accustomed to the physical activity and improve your fitness over time.


Choosing your ideal electric bike is easy with Ordica. You can browse through our comprehensive range online, choose the ebike that suits your preferences, and have it delivered to your door. If you need any help or have any questions during your buying process, our team of experts is ready to help. For a truly enjoyable and effortless Melbourne biking experience, choose Ordica.

Get started on your e-biking journey today with Ordica, Australia’s favoured ebike company. Discover a world of convenience, sustainability, and pure cycling joy. Browse our collection and let’s get you moving!

Frequently Asked Questions for Ebike Melbourne

What makes eBike Melbourne unique for cycling?

Melbourne is known for its extensive bike trails, vibrant lanes, and bustling cyclist community which makes it a perfect city for ebiking. Ebikes Melbourne offers light bikes built to navigate city traffic, sturdy bikes to tackle varying terrains and bikes equipped with top-notch features for a seamless and adventurous riding experience.

Where can I find a reliable Electric Bike shop in Melbourne?

Ordica is one of the leading electric bicycle companies and has a trusted electric bike shop in Melbourne. Ordica's wide array of ebikes caters to various riding styles with reliable features including Samsung lithium-ion batteries, Shimano gears, Tektro brakes, and plush comfort saddles for an exhilarating ride.

Can I explore Melbourne with Ordica Electric Bikes?

Yes, biking through Melbourne can be an exciting adventure with Ordica's innovative electric bikes. The bikes allow you to effortlessly experience the work of Melbourne's acclaimed street artists, cruise along the bayside trails or explore the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Why should I choose an Ordica Electric Bicycle in Melbourne?

Ordica ebikes offer a distinctive Melbourne biking experience. The ebikes are equipped with superior Samsung Li-ion batteries, high-quality Shimano parts, high torque rear and mid-drive motor options for a customised riding experience, and they comply with Australian standards, ensuring safety and durability.

How can I improve my health with Electric Bicycles Melbourne?

Ebiking is a great way to improve your health. Start small and use the pedal assistance to ease into biking. You can gradually increase your pedalling effort, alternate between using pedal assistance and pure cycling to exercise without straining yourself. Establish a daily routine to help your body get accustomed to the physical activity and improve your fitness over time.

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