Electric bicycles offer a safe, eco-friendly, and cost-effective mode of transportation, no matter where you’re headed. While ebikes have long been popular in Europe, the increasing population density and growing traffic in Sydney, coupled with a renewed interest in pedal power, have led more Australians to consider electric bicycles as their preferred means of getting around.
As Sydney continues to improve its cycling infrastructure with dedicated bike lanes, well-designed bike tracks, and heightened motorist awareness of cyclist road etiquette, now is an excellent time to explore the benefits of electric bicycles.
Regardless of your reasons for considering an ebike, when you choose Ordica, you gain access to a wide range of options and the expertise of electric bicycle specialists.

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Founded in Sydney, our electric bike company was born out of a love for cycling and a keen interest in introducing the advantages of electric bicycles to Australian cyclists. Since 2007, Ordica has been sourcing high-quality international components to create top-notch ebikes tailored to suit the conditions and lifestyles of Sydney residents.

Our electric bicycles seamlessly incorporate cutting-edge mid-drive and hub motor technology, featuring genuine Panasonic and Samsung lithium-ion batteries, Shimano gears, Tektro brakes, and comfortable saddles. We take pride in manufacturing electric bicycles that adhere to Australian standards. Our electric bike shop caters to Sydney residents looking for a modern and alternative approach to cycling.

Top Rating Reviews

Ordica Electric Bicycle was featured in Ride On's best of 2013, 2015, Choice Magazine 2017/18 and the RACV 2019 Top 4 electric bicycle recommendations. RideOn magazine rated Ordica ebikes 10/10 for quality, 9/10 for appearance, and recommended Ordica's electric bikes as the latest generation ebike that is not only sophisticated, powerful, and well appointed but also represents outstanding value for savvy customers. In 2021 we are still going strong and continue getting great reviews and happy customers who are riding their Ordica ebikes in Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Perth and beyond.

Branded Parts

At ORDICA Electric Bikes, we select only leading branded parts from around the world to ensure quality and peak performance for all our ebikes.

We thoroughly test all parts used in the bikes to ensure they work in synergy. All parts, big or small deliver extra comfort and an unsurpassable riding experience for our customers.

Classic Design

Ordica Electric Bikes, in both men's and women's series, offer timeless sophistication and class.

Ordica ebikes are specially designed to not only give you great performance and value but also simplicity, with minimum external cables to minimise any potential damage due to external impact on wiring.

Ordica's unique classic design ensures the bike looks clean, smooth and well poised. So whether you're searching for an ebike shop in Melbourne or Brisbane, Hobart or Perth, you're sure to find an Ordica bike that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Outstanding Value

Ordica's latest 2021 mid drive series represents outstanding value, with upgrades that include puncture resistant tires, high capacity Samsung lithium-ion battery, quick adjustable stem, Tektro front and rear disc brakes, Shimano gears, and a super comfort saddle, giving you an unbeatable riding experience that will take you further.

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Excellent service, thank you Simon and your team! always quick to respond and resolve any issues with my bike. Keep up the great work.

Rae Mark address-pin Adelaide

Fantastic service and Ronan the mechanic is brilliant. You don’t get this service when you buy off the internet . Looking to get my next bike from here.

Struth Hudson address-pin Adelaide

Excellent service, thank you Simon and your team! always quick to respond and resolve any issues with my bike. Keep up the great work.

Rae Plush address-pin Adelaide

Excellent and Very knowledgeable, Thank you for the ebike, I enjoyed it very much. If you have any enquiries about ebikes Scot is the person to look for.

LyndonJohn De Guzman address-pin Adelaide

They are very good at their jobs. They give importance to their customers’ satisfaction.

Nihan Demircaan Başer address-pin Adelaide


Cycling to work is a great way to stay fit, but when you’re pressed for time and can’t shower at your destination, avoiding a sweaty arrival is crucial. An electric bike provides you with the freedom and flexibility to shorten your morning commute without breaking a sweat, thanks to pedal assistance. On the way home, you can choose whether to ride with or without assistance.

If you’re comparing electric bikes for sale in Australia to find a fun, eco-conscious, and practical mode of daily transportation in Sydney, Ordica ebikes offer an affordable and reliable solution. Whether you’re browsing our online store or visiting one of our dealers, rest assured that our electric bicycles are trusted in Sydney and its surrounding areas.

Discover the future of commuting in Sydney with electric ebikes – browse our online store today!


Sydney’s streets are changing with the rise of electric bikes. As Australian cities become more bike-friendly, electric bicycles in Sydney are gaining popularity as a sustainable, cost-effective, and enjoyable mode of transportation. At Ordica, the premier provider of E-bikes in Australia, we offer a range of electric bikes tailored to meet the commuting needs of Sydney residents.

Sydney’s fantastic weather and improved cycling infrastructure make it a haven for cyclists. Hills that once challenged riders are now a breeze with electric bicycles. Ordica electric bikes provide pedal assistance for easy uphill rides, ensuring a seamless journey around the city.

With growing traffic congestion, many Sydney commuters are turning to green and cost-effective transport solutions. Electric bikes offer the perfect answer, allowing riders to skip traffic, save on parking and fuel costs, and reduce their carbon footprint. Make your daily commute enjoyable and eco-friendly with an electric bicycle from Ordica.

Whether you’re a leisurely city cyclist or a professional commuter, our range of electric bicycles in Sydney caters to everyone.


Sydney’s dynamic cityscape and diverse landscapes set the stage for electric bikes to shine. Commuters can effortlessly navigate the bustling city and conquer steep hills thanks to motorised assistance.

Ordica electric bikes are designed for Sydney’s varied terrain, ensuring a comfortable, enjoyable, and sweat-free ride. Plus, Sydney’s bike-friendly infrastructure, including dedicated cycling routes, makes it safe and convenient for electric bike riders to explore iconic landmarks and the stunning coastline.



Ordica is dedicated to revolutionising transportation in Sydney with our premium electric bicycles. Residents and visitors alike will be impressed by our ebikes, which combine classic design with exceptional performance and value.

Our electric bikes feature top-tier components, including Samsung lithium-ion batteries, Shimano gears, Tektro brakes, and puncture-resistant tires. This winning combination ensures an unbeatable riding experience, making Ordica the top choice for those seeking electric bicycles in Sydney.


  • High-quality built: Our electric bicycles are designed with utmost care, ensuring every part of the bike performs at its peak to deliver a superior riding experience.
  • Classic design: Our ebikes offer timeless sophistication and class. They are uniquely designed with minimal external cables, ensuring they look clean and sleek.
  • Unbeatable value: Each Ordica electric bike in Sydney is packed with premium inclusions such as puncture-resistant tires, a high capacity Samsung lithium-ion battery, quick adjustable stem, Tektro front and rear disc brakes, Shimano gears, and a super comfort saddle, offering you unbeatable value for your money.
  • Certified standard: Our bikes come with a warranty and comply with all required Australian and international standards, ensuring peace of mind for our valued customers.


Whether you wish to purchase online or want to visit one of our dealers in Sydney, Ordica has you covered. You can explore our online directory of stockists for Sydney and surrounding areas such as Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne to find the most convenient option for you.

Join the green revolution with Ordica electric bicycles. Sydney residents can rave in the advantages of a top-quality, reliable, and cost-effective ebike. Experience the difference and enjoy a healthier, more workout balanced lifestyle today, buy an ebike from Ordica. Call us or shop online to get your own Ordica electric bike!


With an Ordica electric bicycle, Sydney commuters can enjoy a seamless ride. However, to keep your bike running smoothly, we encourage you to follow the given maintenance steps.

  • Battery care: Ensure your battery is charged and kept in a dry and cool place. Avoid overcharging or complete discharging.
  • Regular bike checks: Regular inspection of your ebike, including tire pressure, brake functionality, and gear alignment, is vital.
  • Cleaning: Use some warm soapy water to clean your bike but avoid direct water on the battery and motor.

Reach out to our team at Ordica if you need further assistance or have service questions for your electric bicycle. Sydney experts at Ordica are always happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions for Electric Bicycles Sydney

Why are electric bicycles popular in Sydney?

Electric bicycles or ebikes in Sydney have become increasingly popular due to the city's bike-friendly infrastructure, diverse geography, and traffic congestion. Ebikes offer an economical and green solution, providing an enjoyable, sweat-free ride and enabling users to bypass traffic.

What makes Ordica electric bicycles suitable for Sydney commuters?

Ordica electric bicycles are designed with Sydney's various geographic conditions in mind. Our ebikes offer motorised assistance for an effortless ride, allowing commuters to navigate the city streets and steep terrain easily. They are also fitted with premium components like Samsung lithium-ion batteries and Shimano gears for an optimal riding experience.

Can you provide some tips on maintaining electric bicycles in Sydney?

Sure. To keep your Ordica electric bicycle running smoothly in Sydney, you should ensure the battery is charged and stored in a cool, dry place. Regular inspections of tire pressure, brake functionality, and gear alignment are also vital. Clean your bike occasionally with warm soapy water, avoiding direct water contact on the battery and motor.

How do Ordica electric bikes contribute to helping the environment in Sydney?

Ordica's electric bikes contribute significantly to reducing carbon emissions in Sydney. They offer a green transportation solution that not only bypasses traffic but also eliminates the need for parking, fuel, and vehicle maintenance.

Where can I buy an Ordica electric bicycle in Sydney?

You can purchase Ordica electric bicycles in Sydney either online directly from us or by visiting one of our dealers. You may explore our online directory of stockists in Sydney and surrounding areas such as Brisbane, Adelaide, and Melbourne to find the most convenient option.

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